Sweat the ‘fluffy’ stuff’!

So what makes a good leader or manager? Is it charisma? Technical or financial superiority? Strategic thinking? Always having the right answer? Intuitively knowing which direction to lead in and setting a demanding pace?

Once you have a strategy and can read the numbers, how do you execute your plan? You can’t do it alone so now you need to lead others. (more…)

‘Turnover’ a new leaf!

Out with the old, in with the new?

From one perspective, staff turnover could be viewed as a positive for an organisation. New blood, bringing fresh ideas, insights and business opportunities.

Though true in part, the reality of course is largely different. Firstly, organisations are quite complex systems and hard to change or move. It’s more likely that new employees will either adapt to their new environment, dare I say culture, or move on quickly enough. Worse still, stay and are disengaged, unhappy and underproductive. (more…)