Individual and Team Coaching for Business


Working with individuals or groups, our purpose is to empower you to create a clear direction, design your best-fit strategy and hold you accountable for agreed upon milestones. Areas of focus include:

• Improved leadership skills in terms of people management

• Growing emotional intelligence through increased awareness of self and others

• Increased productivity for self and your team

• Challenging your thinking and reflecting potential blind spots

• Improved relationships and conflict management

About Change (Pty) Ltd

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  •   Suite 0B Nautica Building, The Water Club, Beach Rd, Mouille Point, 8005, South Africa


Individual coaching sessions for personal development, purpose finding and transformation. All sessions are contracted with clear boundaries and confidentiality terms. Explore new ways of thinking, set clear goals and achieve more, faster.


Team and company culture coaching to reinvigorate your collective energy. Refocusing and alignment of your company's values and vision. Tackling sensitive and conflict related issues in a positive and solutions orientated way.


Employee engagement analysis can deliver valuable insights for management and leaders. Utilising anonymous, more frequent 'agile' methodologies, you can uncover potential areas to improve as well as highlight successes in real time.


Patrick Niland

Lead Coach & Founder

Patrick is the founder and lead coach of About Change (Pty) Ltd. Working in the private sector for over 22 years in roles ranging from business development to MD and business owner, with industry exposure of IT solutions, security technology, and creative marketing services, Patrick brings a wealth of experience in working and managing in various company sizes and cultures. Having lived and worked in Ireland, England, Spain, Australia Patrick is currently based in South Africa since 2002.

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Parveen Sonday

Associate Coach

My career expanded not only in the asset consulting arena but also in the asset management space, where I worked for well-established asset management houses in the industry. My approach to coaching is that each person has the key for independent thinking, the ability to become self-aware and to empower themselves in seeking solutions to issues that prohibit them from moving forward. My core belief is that one can “pull something remarkable out of the unknown and find the joy in it”, one only needs to find the strength in oneself to dig deep in challenging situations and to take it one step at a time.

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"Before I met Patrick, I would have said that it was impossible for one coach to facilitate so many changes in 8 sessions, changes that would result in such a positive and empowering impact on my life. He has coached me into improvement in all aspects of my life." Happy Client


  Parveen has been described as "objective and non-judgmental, I felt I could come to you with anything that was on my mind and we would tackle it piece by piece, together.I like that you helped me develop tools to handle problems, or worries that I have, on my own, and I feel confident that I am capable of doing so. I feel that coaching is empowering." Happy Client


  "Patrick is a "real" person, he is genuine, honest and truthful in a caring way that always makes me feel safe in my coaching sessions. He does not judge or make decisions for me but guides me towards a better understanding of myself and of other people." Happy Client



What is coaching?

There are various definitions of coaching and what it entails. In simple terms, I describe it as a collaborative process between a coach and a client with a view to identifying and expediting desired personal or professional outcomes and new learning. You (the client) are responsible for the thinking and doing and I (the coach) am responsible for creating the confidential thinking environment and holding you accountable to reaching your goals.

  What kinds of things do you usually work with?

This can vary as each client guides me as to what they need or wish to improve upon. It can be anything from management and leadership skills, procrastinating less, increasing productivity, improving ability to see alternate viewpoints, to the more personal issues like addressing fears of public speaking, overcoming self-doubts and managing family life stresses with work challenges.

  Why did you become a coach?

I’ve always been interested in people and what motivates us (hence I did my undergrad majoring in Psychology). Post this, however, I followed a different path and spent the past 23 years in the IT business development and marketing arena in various guises within international and South African businesses. Ultimately I co-founded my first business in 2009 in which I’m still a director. Then ‘40 something’ happened and I realised that although I was making a living, I also needed to do more for others (and myself) and by helping people and teams I could finally scratch that itch I’d been ignoring for so very long.

  What can I expect in a session with you?

You can expect me to ask questions, be listened too and most importantly heard. YOU will work through and brainstorm your own solutions for your unique requirements. Once we’ve set your agenda and desired outcomes we will tackle them step by step and I will ensure you we stay track. Bottom line, I will be in your corner, supporting you to achieve what you’ve set out to achieve. Our work will be confidential, challenging but also rewarding and fun.

 Will you advise me on what i need to do?

Advice giving is not considered part of the remit of a coach by many industry bodies such as Internation Coaching Federation or COMENSA. This falls more into mentorship or perhaps even consulting. In a coaching relationship, we try NOT to give advice but rather give you the time and space to uncover your own thinking and best-fit strategies. That said, where we feel we have some useful information or potential resources that will benefit you, this information may be shared post your session.

  Is it like counseling or therapy?

Coaching is definitely NOT counseling, though we do have some similar traits. I will listen actively to what you need to speak about and I will keep your session confidential within certain ethical guidelines. However, the key difference is that I work with fully functioning people that have a desire to improve. Therapists usually work with people that need to address deeper issues and possibly heal.